Siya Foundation


A Light of Hope, An Effort for Better.

We are a non-profit , non-government organization based out of Indore. Established in the year 2015, with a vision of “A Light of Hope, an Effort for Better”, Siya Foundation continually works towards bringing smiles in the faces of the underprivileged, help uplift their lives, save lives in cases and shine a light of hope in their otherwise gloomy life.

We at Siya Foundation believe that, it is our duty to help and contribute in whatever way we can to the underprivileged and needful being. We want to be the change towards betterment, sharing the problems of those who are not capable enough to make life better on their own  and help them relieve from it slowly.


Uplift the Unprivileged

We believe that it is the duty of us, those selected privileged and well to do people to contribute all that we can to make the life of the underprivileged better. The size of the help never really matters. What matters is a selfless, voluntary and willing heart.

Contribute to Community

We want to contribute to the community, where we were raised in, where uneducated, poor people are left out. Just because they are poor doesn’t mean they are not  a part of our community. So, it is our duty to help them out, give them a feeling that someone’s there for them.

Spread Happiness

Above all, our vision is to spread happiness as much as we can. We dream of a place where no one dies of lack of blood, hunger or cold, no one is forced into labor and trafficking due to lack of education & money, W e dream of a place where people are happy and their hopes are high.


In 2008 siya was born as a sibling to a brother Atharv. She was a healthy baby. In 2014 family was struck by shocking news that she was suffering from Medulloblastoma which is a type of brain tumor. Family members were devastated and could not understand why they were being punished in this way. They had no choice but to accept the inevitable reality and decided to give her the best possible medical care.

Even after long treatment, numerous operations, chemotherapy and radiation it was not possible to save her. After all this whole family was very depressed eventually they decided to face this situation positively and to do something productive for the society. We are thankful to every single member of Siya Family. Because of their Positive Attitude this NGO is in Existence


Mr. Divyansh Vyas

Divyansh was born in 1993 in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. He has completed his MSc. Management with Finance from London.

He had been an Active Volunteer of India Against Corruption Movement. He has also been involved in numerous social works like teaching street children, initiating collection drives etc. Besides all this he was also part of Awareness Campaign for Right To Information Act. Divyansh has  a track record of being involved in social work for more than 5 years now. He is a good public speaker as well and have addressed people on numerous occasions on critical issues like corruption.

He is elder brother of the late child Siya upon whom the foundation is named after. He was not even in the country at that time and was not able to see her not even for the last time. So, he finally decided to collaborate all his efforts towards forming an NGO towards helping people, specially children  in her loving memory.



Prashant, an endodontist by profession have initiated many awareness programs like anti-tobacco campaign, dental and oral campaign. He is also serving as General Secretary of Global Dental Welfare Organisation and as CEO of Denasia Group. He has been awarded as YOUTH ICON 2015 by Patrika. Prashant also is an anchor, public speaker and have acted in shows like Crime Patrol. He also played a major role during the Nepal earthquake.


Kavi Sandeep Sharma, is a popular name in the world of Hindi poetry. He has been aired on a total of more than 100 episodes of popular TV shows like Waah Waah Kya Baat Hai. Despite his popularity, fame and glamour, he has always been a down to earth and gentle human being with a kind hearted persona. He has been awarded with numerous awards. A notable few are Nirala Award and Tepa Sammaan.

Chitralekha Kulkarni

Chitralekha carries an experience of over 20 years in the teaching profession. She has done her Masters in Philosophy (English Literature) and teaches English and Legal studies at Choithram School Manikbagh. She has B.Sc LLB and B.Ed degrees as well.  She highly stresses on values & strength of character. In her own words “if students show a positive change, soon it will create a great change in society and the country will be better, peaceful, beautiful and happier “

Renu Muley

Renu is yet another scholar with a Masters Degree in Education and a 27 year long experience in teaching. Having been associated with and served numerous reputed schools in the past, she currently is The Principal at Advance Academy, Indore.
Additionally, She is also a panelist at  Indian Institute of Management(IIM), Indore for the five-year Integrated Programme in Management (IPM). She also is a Resource Person for English teaching workshops.


Rita Vyas


Ankit Kapoor

Vice President

Divyansh Vyas


Shweta Yadav

Joint Secretary

Aayush Somani


Surbhi Choudhary